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Zhejiang Nanfang Cultural and Tourism Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wenzhou Nanfang Mini Car Factory, transferred to production of amusement rides in 1990, is a national high-tech enterprise.

Relying on the Nanfang Large intelligent Amusement Facilities Research Institute, combined with the concept of world advanced amusement rides, with leading product research and development technology in China, reach the international advanced level.The company has witnessed and experienced the growth of the  industry, and has been in the industry for more than 30 years,always focus on the main business of amusement rides,high-quality professional services throughout the whole operation cycle of cultural and tourism field.Products are renowned in the industry with the characteristics of "high-end&trendy, excellent performance" . Our comprehensive and outstanding corporate strength leading the industry, we are the setting enterprise of national standards and industry standards,a first-class enterprise in China cultural and tourism equipment industry.We are a long-term supplier of  OCT,Fanta,Chimelong,Sunac and Wanda,and partner of Disney,Six flags and Universal Studios.

High-end project reference

Combining the idea of excellent projects at home and abroad, with our technological innovation, to achieve localization and replace import.

Large- Diving Rapids Ride

  • Similar to Disney Rapids Ride project
  • Independent optimization and innovative design and fill the domestic blank
  • Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Valley started operation in May 2022

Introduction:The Rapids Ride has proved to be the world’s favorite family ride. Every year millions of people experience the fun and thrill of Rapids Ride. Working with clients,based on innovation, layout, capacity and ride effect are all carefully planned with the customer to ensure that each and every Rapids Ride built is exactly what the owner wants and each Rapids Ride meets or exceeds the expectation of the guests, taking culture and theme decoration into account. 

Starting ride, visitors will experience a simulated rapids ride in the field, on the way there are a lot of turbulence sharp speed rotation with wave ups and downs, and the shuttle in the perfect interactive scenes, into the 7 meters height drop section, raft drop in high speed, strong air time, making passengers feel breathtaking experience, rush into the bend channel and enter the round loading/unloading station. Rafts are supplied with hard wearing bumpers,each bumper (flotation collar) is built with multiple chambers for safe and comfortable operation.

Large Immersive project

  • Similar to the King Kong project Universal
  • Independent optimization and innovative design and fill the domestic blank
  • Chengdu Sunac Land started operation in May 2020

The large immersive multimedia project was a classic masterpiece of Nanfang Cultural and Tourism, which took two years to accomplish and became the core project of Chengdu Sunac Land. Multimedia digital technology content integration large 6 DOF dynamic equipment, combined with turbulent rivers and treacherous shoals, Bridges, storms, landslides, canyon forests and lion beast, precise matching, create a grand virtual reality adventure, reproduce a expedition to find ancient legend "gold country", experiencing a thrilling adventure journey, bring an immersive experience for visitors. The successful construction of this project has won great popularity among tourists. Experts in the industry evaluate that it represents the top level in China and a world-class project.

Double-Deck Dark Ride (6 DOF Motion Vehicle)

  • Similar to the Transformers project Universal Singapore
  • Independent optimization and innovative design and fill the domestic blank
  • Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis started operation in November 2017

As the traditional dark ride project needs larger footprint, this project adopts the 2-floor design, saving land is one of the advantages of the project. The project takes the classic Chinese myth Nezha as the theme content. The equipment consists of 10 6 DOF motion vehicles, 180 meters of track at the first floor and 160 meters of track at the second floor, 4 high-speed elevators, 13 sets of 3D HD screens and the traffic control system. Ride into the theater and experience a virtual reality storyline as you navigate through the changing scenes. The cylindrical screen during lifting , its film adds the experience of the Drop Tower. The whole scenes are precisely connected with each other, and the perfect effect of the immersive experience of dark ride is achieved.

Flying Kiss

  • The first of its kind in the world
  • Chongqing Wulong White Horse Mountain started operation in May 2020

Flying Kiss" IP is a world initiative, 55 meters of large interactive two flying island project, panoramic sightseeing and flying experience, sightseeing cabin big arm can reach out from the cliff more than 40 meters, the passenger can enjoy the panoramic spectacular beautiful scenery of cliff facade in flight. The Flying Island sightseeing project is a new definition to the traditional high altitude sightseeing project. As soon as it was launched, "Flying Kiss" aroused hot discussion. The "Internet celebrity" index soared continuously and the page views reached 800 million times, attracted extensive attention and gradually resulted in domestic and foreign tourists. It effectively let the online flow drive the offline flow come true and became a model project.

Super Lifting Cup Ride

  • The first of its kind in the world
  • Zhuhai Chimelong Resort started operation in December 2016

Custom-made for "Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom", the Super Lifting Cup Ride themed as Marine life. The diameter of the large turntable is 22 meters, with three lifting small turntables, a capacity of 95 seats at the same time. The Ride is a combination movement of the large turntable revolution and the small turntable rotating and lifting,come to a weaving and shuttling motion. Comfortable ride,  rich experience, when the music comes, under the colorful light , light and lively, this scene, tourists as if back to the childhood chasing and frolic, warm and romantic feeling arises spontaneously, Enhances family and friendship in the joyful atmosphere. It’s a classic project especially suitable for family and friends.

Submarine deep-sea adventure

  • Similar to Legoland project in the United States
  • Independent optimization and innovative design and fill the domestic blank
  • Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Valley started operation in May 2022

Introduction:Do you ever imagine that one day we could dive deep into the deep sea? The submarine we developed&manufactured is now able to make dreams come true. The  submarine with 12 seats, a built-in air conditioning, audio& video system and LCD screen, power driven half submerging in the pool with well designed deep sea theming scenes,ring running arround  and enjoy the marine life and sea scenery, intrgrated with lighting, sound, special effects, it's like being at the bottom of the sea, let visitors experience a romantic and magic  deep sea journey. The submarine deep-sea adventure is a family ride for all ages.

AGV intelligent warship

  • Similar to Disney land Tokyo project
  • Independent optimization and innovative design and fill the domestic blank
  • Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Valley started operation in May 2022

Introduction:Gone are the days of being bound by tracks or rails. The brand new AGV Ride can follow any path and take you anywhere your story demands. Trackless and autonomous driving   with advanced navigation technology,gives us the ability to have multiple vehicles in the same space,cross running and interacting with the environment and each other. Infinite rotation and multi-directional movement,every ride is unique.  With interactive options including water gun, water cannon, laser shooting, etc., and a variety of theme content can be arranged in the pool.

Suspended Hot-air Balloon Ride

  • Similar to Lotte Korea Project
  • Independent optimization and innovative design and fill the domestic blank
  • Nanjing Wanda started operation in March 2018

Suspended hot-air balloon ride electrical driven lifting and moving, each cabin with capacity of 6, configuration lighting and sound, passengers wandering in the air and enjoy panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Balloon in lighting decoration at night, enrich the elevation effects, the theme park can customize the track layout according to the terrain with infinite kinds of design, to ensure that each project is exactly what the owner wants.This project is an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor theme parks, scenic spots and commercial complexes .

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A bird's eye view of the headquarters


Forge ahead, 30 years of technology accumulation, "high-end trendy, excellent performance"

Various products with independent intellectual property rights are renowned in the  cultural and tourism equipment industry

​Large Immersive project

​Double-Deck Dark Ride

​Dark Ride DGCQ-I

​Water Dark Ride JL-8I

Multi-media Spinning Roller Coaster

​Suspended Flying Theater

Tilting-Type Flying Theater

Dome Dark Ride

​Media Based Suspended Roller Coaster

​Flying Island

Flying Kiss

Suspended Hot-air Balloon Ride

​Super Lifting Cup Ride

​Cup Ride 72 Seats

Boomerang Roller Coaster

​Spinning Roller Coaster

​Suspended Roller Coaster

​Super Roll Over

​Star Warship


​The Challenger 42 Seats

​The Challenger 30 Seats

​Deep Sea Submarine Adventure

​AGV Intelligent warship

​Swirling Cars(as Disney land Toy Story)

​Fashionable Flyer

​Spinning Lifting Tower

​Sky Flyer

Large Diving Rapids Ride PL-8I

​Diving Rapids Ride

​Rapids Ride

Super Double Splash Ride-26m

​Super Double Splash Ride-28m

Super Double Splash Ride With Backwards drop-26m

​Vertical Lifting Double Splash Ride-20m

​Super Splash Ride-26m

Splash Ride-22m

​Splash Ride-20m

​Splash Ride-17m

​Splash Ride-15m

Splash Log Ride

​Double SplashLog Ride

​Crazy Circus

​Pirate Ship

​Fire Phoenix

​Gyroscope Legend

​Luxury Double-deck Carousel

Luxury Single-deck Carousel 72 Seats

Luxury Single-deck Carousel 46 Seats

​Mini Carousel

​Couples Cup Ride

​Swinging Flyer

​Speed Windmill

​Aviation Training Device

Magic Straw Hat

​Water Battle Cup Ride

Water Jet Ski Ride

​Ferris Wheel

​Fun Rotation

​Basketball Game

​Couple Fly

​Music Express

​Happy Bus

​Dancing in The Air

​Mini Rafting

​Mini Rafting

​Brave Turntable

​Descent TD-I

Bumper Car without Skynet